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Revnivykh Inna Vladimirovna, Lecturer, sub-department of foreign languages and professional communication, National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (26 Yaroslavskoe highway, Moscow, Russia),

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Background. The relevance of this work is stipulated by modern intensive socioeconomic development accompanied by the increasing number of industry publications but insufficient knowledge of the features of moern English language discourse on construction. The purpose of this article is to study the linguistic features of texts of the English-language press on building issues, as well as to identify language means characterizing this type of publications.
Materials and methods. The study objectives were completed through analyzing English texts about building and construction published by The magazine of the American Society of Civil Engineers. The methodological base of the research included general scientific methods (analysis, synthesis, induction) and such methods as logic operations, which realize the author’s systematic approach.
Results. The use of language means of the author’s impact on the addressee in the English building issues press is considered. It is noted that since those texts focus on advertising, the stylistically colored vocabulary, metaphorical expressions can help the sender touch the emotional sphere of the individual with the purpose of drawing attention to the importance of the information provided.
Conclusions. The English texts on building issues are aimed at advertising, expressed through the use of certain language means, and the most effective means are stylistically colored vocabulary and metaphorical expressions, which enable the sender to reach the communication aims, succinctly and vividly represents the information on the current construction activities.

Key words

English-language press, construction theme, advertising direction, stylistically colored vocabulary, metaphor, emotional sphere

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